Embed code in Media Carousel component

I’m attempting to use the Media Carousel component to display a series of three videos. I’d like to use videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, but it appears that my only option is to upload video files. Is there a way to use embed code for videos in the Media Carousel? Or for video assets? Or a better way to do this? Trying to reduce the amount of space that would be taken up by placing all three videos in separate components.


Use the Video Stream component! You can stream from YouTube with that!

Right, I was aware that we could use the Video Stream component, but I was specifically wanting to place streamed videos in a carousel format to save space on the page. The Video Stream component doesn’t seem to allow for that, while the Carousel component doesn’t allow for streamed videos.

Ahhhh gotcha. What a shame! Perhaps this will come eventually.