Evolve Certification. your thoughts wanted!

How would you like the option to become a certified Evolve user?

What would that mean to you and how would you expect to prove your skills in order to receive the certification? We’d love to hear your ideas!


I think it would mean having a depth of knowledge in the product, but also be a resource for other users. I would also enjoy a space of innovation where new ideas could be shared and piloted (for product development) - a trusted user for Evolve.

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I would like to show that I’m a certified user.

Most, if not all, of my work is behind client LMSs and only after I move on from my current role and make courses for myself, will I have anything to show.

And I think certification would be great to add to LinkedIn.

How would it work?

Perhaps oddly, in 17 years of creating eLearning, I’ve never bothered getting certified for any tool I use.

Many thanks.

always good to define - and achieve - a baseline standard and everyone likes to add an official certification to their CV. would be great to be pick up the extra tips and tricks and maybe even gain access to more official training materials also.

A certificate sounds very interesting.
First of all, I’d expect to learn some more about Evolve to prepare for the certificate - I get by well enough, but maybe there are some additional tips and tricks that an experienced user of Evolve should know about.
I’d certainly benefit form adding an Evolve certificate to my CV, but I imagine it would also be beneficial for Evolve. I’m working with a lot of clients who are just starting their elearning journey, so they are not knowledgeable about tools - a certificate is something they can understand and marks Evolve as the professional solution it is.

I think it is a great idea. As others have said, it is good for the CV as potential employers can see what level of knowledge you have.
Perhaps over time different levels of certification could be developed, like Microsoft’s Specialist and Master/Expert levels.