Looking for a potential Freelance Evolve Developer


Does this community have freelamce evolve developers? We have a customer wanting courses changing from Rise to Evolve.

I am looking at whether to purchase an Evolve authoring licence and create the courses ourselves…or fast track and take on a freelance Evolve developer.

I just wanted to check if this community does have freelance developres or if it is mainly a support community to help us to use the software ourselves.



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Hello Mark - I think there are a few freelancers around here - maybe also post in the Evolve Authoring Group on LinkedIn? Sign Up | LinkedIn

We could also put you in touch with some agencies if that works for you.

About how many courses are you looking at do you know?


Hi Helen,

I am having trouble logging in to the Evolve Community to reply to you.

I will try again and post in the Evolve Authoring group in LinkedIn.

We have 3 projects I would guess around 25 days work in total.


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