Evolve Freelancer offer

If you’re freelance we have a special offer for you.

We know that taking on new tools is an investment of your time and money. Software packages are often priced for companies and not individuals and this can present a barrier to entry. We also understand that for freelancers finding the next job can be an area of uncertainty. Our offer aims to help address these challenges.

In partnership with https://www.jam-pan.com/, we have the following offer for you.

  1. Register with Jam Pan and get Evolve at the reduced price of £5 a month.
  2. Complete the Evolve Academy courses and be registered as an Evolve expert.
  3. You’ll receive an exclusive toolkit with example course templates, and a Q&A with one of our learning experience designers to further improve your skills.
  4. After 12 months receive a complimentary Evolve license.

Hey Matt (and everyone),
I’m looking for some evolve freelancers but came up empty on Jam Pan. Any know of any? About 40 hours of work in the next couple of weeks.

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Hi Steve,

We definitely have freelancers available to you - please feel free to email me rachel@jam-pan.com

Let me know your requirements and happy to help you find someone!

Best wishes,

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Thank you @rachel. Let us know how your project goes @Steve - we’re always interested in seeing what people are making with Evolve.

Hey Steve,

If you ever need an evolve freelancer let me know. Would love to help you out.

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Is this offer still live? We are registered with Jampan and doing the course on the academy - more details please?

Hello @DonnaWestwood , can you contact support from your Evolve please saying the same.


Hi Matt, I have completed steps 1 and 2 - how do I access the toolkit?

Hello @rightsideup drop me a line at matt@appitierre.com