Embedding scorm files in a course

Is there an option to embed a scorm file as a component within a course? A design vendor has asked if this is possible.

@MB_HPE Can you tell everyone what the use case is for this? A zipped SCORM package would have to be launched from a server with its own API window… not sure how you’d do this, unless you used an iFrame or simply linked to a secondary course.

I was speaking with a vendor about a development project. There are a couple of topics where we want do some learner engagement, for example, have them enter something in a text box and then be able to save and possibly print that information. The vendor was exploring whether that element could be build as a mini scorm file and integrated into the course. Given that Evolve courses end up being packaged as scorms in Exceed, I wasn’t sure this would be possible.

@MB_HPE I’ll defer to the Intellum team on the platform capabilities, but you can certainly capture learner information, reflection questions and other open input text content for the learner to save or print. This wouldn’t be sent back to the LMS, although there may be a javascript or xAPI statement solution.

Hi @MB_HPE - this sounds like all you need is the Reflection extension and some Open Input components - you can ask the user to type in whatever you want them to into various boxes, and then once they have filled them all in the Reflection Extension can be personalised and printed with all their responses on.

Does that help at all?

Thanks so much, Helen! I will give this a try. It sounds like it will fit the bill.

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Interesting. I know you can embed Storyline right into an Intellum path or an Articulate Rise course, but what about an Evolve course? Say if I wanted to put people through a course and have them play a small Storyline built game at the end?

For that purpose, cpenn - just use the iFrame component :slight_smile:

IFrames are great at extending the user experience. What goes in it doesn’t have to be a SCORM-wrapped file. In fact, there’s no point making it SCORM as it won’t report to the LMS. Publish to Web, stick it on a server and away you go. Or use any external service to create the experience you are after. Although not exactly matched to what you describe, here’s an example. It sends you and someone else you choose an email with your notes. https://juvolearningsolutions.evolveauthoring.com/courses/630e1eff91c75107ea2844f3/preview/index.html?isShared=true

All – one issue with iFrame’s is that depends on a live source, which isn’t always reliable. Generally better to control the learner environment with embedded content than to deal with bandwidth, disabled content and other issues. Unless you’re really sure if your sources.

@Andy_Moorman While I think this kind of scenario may be possible with SCORM 2004 and SCO sequencing, it would be a difficult thing to map out and test. SCORM 2004 manifests aren’t for the faint of heart. I think emailing reflection notes to the learner and manager is a great alternative.