Does Evolve have a Stacked List?

Hi there -

Can anyone tell me if there is a component that is equivalent to the Stacklist component in Adapt? I have a storyboard from ID and they’ve added “please use Stacked List here” - but I can’t find something to use for this, and I’d rather not use an accordions for every instruction of this nature, because I think the course would get very boring very quickly.

Many thanks

Hi Doug!

Take a look at Dialog - you can make text that slides in from the sides in blocks with that.

You will need to make up 2 “People” for the dialog and allocate each item to them, and also set it to enable auto-start, then just play with the settings until you get the sliding working how you like. Mine ended up like this - will need some tweaking in the theming I think…

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Hello again :slight_smile: OK cool I’ll give that a go… at the moment I have an accordion in there instead, which at least means the content is not on screen in one go, and allows the user to select. I’ve never seen the dialogue in action… I’ll take a look.

Thank you

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Adapt Stacked List just slides static paragraphs of text into place as shown here:

Custom Components and Extensions | Custom Components & Extensions (

Yeah that’s what I was after… I’ve used them extensively in adapt… was hoping that Evolve had the same thing… :slight_smile:

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I’m late with this reply, but have you considered using the Flow Chart component? You can style and animate the items as needed. The only issue with this component is the button, which allows an addition of an icon, but not text.


That’s a brilliant suggestion agorgon - it’s much more similar to the stacked list, come to think of it.

Do this, MrBrown!