Dividers between articles

Watching some of the Evolve videos on YouTube, I can see there is an option to add a divider before/after an article, but I cannot see it in my own version of the builder. So, I have some questions:

  • Is this option still available?
  • Is the divider a line or a space?
  • If it is a line, how do I add space?
  • How can I add a space between blocks within an article? Currently I add a block with a blank text component

Hi there,

you can still add a divider between articles!
You can find the option to add dividers once you’ve added an article in the “…” menu on the right:
Screenshot 2022-01-26 140131

A divider can contain text, graphics, a line or simply some white space - that’s up to you! You can edit the divider like any other Evolve element. Remember to take a look at the theme settings, you’ll find settings for the divider there as well.

Hope this helps!


Hi Ina, that is great - thank you :slight_smile:

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