Divider between Blocks

How to create a Divider between different blocks to demarcate the difference between two topics. I have multiple blocks in Articles. These blocks depict different topics at times. Please help me create divider between blocks.

Blocks don’t allow you to create dividers like the way articles do. Hence, what I usually do is use the ‘Insert Horizontal Line’ feature present in the block body and add the content below this line. This creates a demarcating line between the two blocks.

Thanks a lot Punam. :slight_smile: Also, is there a way that I can prevent the learner from going to the Default Menu option of "Evolve? Also, if that can be possible, would it affect the completion status? Response awaited, Thanks in advance.

You can add a proper divider yes:

The way to do this is to go to your Theme, into the Block settings, then add “Block Separator Line” to display the line between each Block in your Articles. This applies across the entire course.

You can also turn it on just in certain Article Styles if you prefer.

Hope that helps!

Hi Joy
Did not understand your question. Can you please elaborate the same? Screenshots would also be helpful

Assuming your answer is related to “Review” option, here is the elaboration.

I shared the module with reviewers. They are able to mark thier observations in the form of comments, however, I can only see their comments and NOT the page/topic the comment is related to. Like in Review 360, we can see the page or topic the partcular feedback or comments points to. Do I need to enable any special setting for this to work?
Waiting for your response.

Hi Joy,

I replied to this question in the original post. I think many Punam is asking about your comment about the Default menu option of Evolve, above?