Copying extension pages

Can the Glossary and/or Resources extension pages be copied from one course to another?

Not that I know of - but I did request a while ago the copying of the About extension from course to course because I always use the same information on it in each page. I guess the only think you could do is clone a course to a new course so that you have the same glossary and resources in place, then erase the pages and start with your new content.

It would be great to be able to clone things like glossary, resources, about etc - and just general course “setup” across to another course that already exists though.

Hello @Cindy this isn’t currently possible.
We are looking at ways this might be done in a future release of Evolve.

Has this functionality been introduced yet? I’ve just had to edit the resources page in one course but have to do the same across 5 others - was hoping there’d be a quick solution

Hey DarkCurv,

Not yet sadly, but this may well be part of project next year, as it is still on the feature request list.


This would definitely be a useful feature if it could be added, Thanks for the reply

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