Canvas integration setup?

Hi there!

We’ve tried many different settings in Evolve (course attainment extension, setting score variables, SCORM vs xAPI, etc.) but just can’t get Canvas to accept our course completion. We’re just going in circles at this point.

Has anyone had success setting up an Evolve course in Canvas, and if so, how?

Please help! Thanks!

Does it all work OK in SCORM Cloud? If so I would ask Canvas why something that works perfectly well in SCORM Cloud doesn’t work in Canvas. Additionally you can send them links to the SCORM debug logs that SCORM cloud generates.

@Matt_Leathes Haha, we’re complete novices at this. What’s SCORM Cloud? We’re having trouble finding helpful documentation on either side of this. Do you have recommended settings that we need to have set in Evolve before exporting?

SCORM Cloud is generally considered the ‘gold standard’ for verifying SCORM support, you can access it here: SCORM Cloud - Log in securely to your account

@Matt_Leathes After looking at SCORM Cloud’s tutorial a bit, I think we must have gotten our wires crossed. This looks way more technical than what it seems it should take to solve the issues we’re having.

We don’t feel like we’re trying to do anything difficult or custom. We’re not even trying to track assessment data or anything like that. We just want to plug an Evolve course into a Canvas module and have it register as completed to trigger a completion certificate. Seems pretty straightforward, but we just can’t get the settings in Evolve and/or Canvas right to correctly record the completion. We’ve reached out to Canvas to see what they say too.

We were eventually able to get Canvas to register a score for the assignment, but no matter what we did it always scored a 0 and therefore “failed” the assignment. I feel like we’re very close, we just need some expert advice to push us in the right direction.

Does doing something this relatively simple really take delving into API code and paying for a 3rd party service?

I guess we were expecting more of a step-by-step How-to Guide on making sure your Evolve settings are good to go before exporting, rather than “you need to hire a web developer”. Haha!

No, it absolutely shouldn’t. SCORM Cloud is just a useful tool for proving to LMS providers that your SCORM content is indeed compliant with the SCORM standard. You certainly shouldn’t need to be paying for the service - unless your course happens to exceed the 200MB (?) upload limit for the free account.

The route I would take is to upload your course to SCORM Cloud, launch it, work through it to completion, exit and check that SCORM Cloud has registered score and completion correctly.

Assuming it has, you copy the link to the SCORM debug log, send it to Canvas with a note saying: ‘hey, it clearly works fine on SCORM cloud, here are the log files - why is it not working on your LMS??’


@Matt_Leathes Ok, we tried SCORM Cloud and it gave us some useful info. At the beginning, we learned that our Completion and Success flags were coming through, but our Score flag was only registering as 0.00% regardless of what options we changed in Evolve. We eventually added the Course Assessment Extension to our course (which in this case we’d like to avoid since an assessment isn’t necessary) and that finally did pass along a 100% score to Canvas.

Our next step is to contact our Canvas admin to see if we can unlock or trigger content access without requiring a Score. If we can get things to work without requiring assessment data at all, that would be great.

In the meantime, is there a way for Evolve to pass a 100% Score through to Canvas without requiring an assessment question per the Course Assessment Extension? Is it possible to make the Course Assessment Extension look at page/component completion instead of assessment questions? We’re looking for options here. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Matt. Your help has been extremely valuable in figuring this all out.

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Yes I think so, I’ve not tried this myself but you should be able to set up a Logic Trigger to set a score based on conditions you choose.

It seems odd that Canvas LMS should require a score - but unfortunately that sort of thing often seems to be the case with some LMSes…

No problem, glad to have been able to help