Bookmarking / Restart Course Button

Hi all,

I have a question about bookmarking.

After failing a quiz once, the learner see a retry quiz button, which functions correctly. If they fail again, they’re presented with a restart course button. Clicking it triggers a pop-up indicating the course is in progress due to the bookmarking extension. To prevent this pop-up after pressing the restart course button, is there a method to reset all progress paraments to 0% and not have this pop-up shown for this one instance?

Thanks so much

Hmm that sounds like it might be a bug - out of interest are you using a Logic trigger to restart the course or the Action Button?

It might not be ideal but as a temporary workaround you could just disable the Bookmarking extension, it won’t prevent the learner’s progress being tracked and restored, it just enables the pop-up that gives them the option to go back to where they were last time.