Bloom - email settings

Is anyone else having troubles with their email settings in Bloom? I have used Bloom for a year but have never managed to set up the email so that it remains stable. I am on Outlook 365 Cloud based. I can initially validate credentials and it remains good for a while, but then hours later I go back and it has a yellow popup telling me that Authentication is Unsuccessful and it seems to have broken. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to fix? I have tried working through this issue with Microsoft and our Outlook support people… to no avail… Thanks!

Hey, could you copypaste the full error message? Thanks

This is the message when I refresh my password (and for a time to come)

but after some time (but I am not sure why), I go back to the email in Settings and see this

Have you seen this article on Github?

Hi there,

If the above suggestions (thanks!) haven’t resolved your issue please can you raise a ticket in support and we’ll investigate it for you.