Inserting an email link

Hi, I am trying to add an email link to a course but am having an issue. The email address includes an ampersand, so when the user clicks the link to open a new email, it only includes the part of the email address before the ampersand. How do I make it include the full email address in the email?

I just tried this myself and it worked fine… could you give some more detail e.g. what’s the email address and where in the course you’re trying to add it?

FYI I used ‘me&’ in the body text of an Accordion component and tested that it worked in both Chrome and Firefox. I have both browsers set to open ‘mailto’ links in GMail in Chrome - but it also works fine if I change this so that they open in Mail for macOS.

Hi Matt
Thank you for your response.
The email address is S& and I was trying to include it in a text component. I use Edge as that is the one installed by the council for all staff. Because of the various settings and restrictions on the system, all emails open in Outlook. I’ve inserted other email addresses that work fine, it’s just this one with the ampersand that is causing me a problem.

I can’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work - it certainly works fine for me. Possibly could be something specific to Outlook, unfortunately I can’t test that as I don’t have Outlook.

Does it work for you if you use the link in your post above?

Hi Matt
The same happens if I use the link in the post, it is just addressed to S. I think you’re right and that it is something to do with the configuration of Outlook.
Thank you for your time and responses though.