Article style background picture - padding challenbge when applied?


I’ve made this zaggy line background picture and applied it to an article style - the idea is to break up the content visually which I really like (see picture)

Depending on the size of the content I need to change the padding to make it fit - however this is done for the article style, and I can’t find a similar setting for the individual articles that the article style is applied to. Currently, this means that it can only use it once in a course, but I would like to be able to apply it multiple times.

Does anyone of you have a solution to this problem? I wondered if inserting the picture in the divider instead could be one?

Hi @Martin_Juhler - forgive if I’m not understanding fully, but can’t you just apply the article style wherever it’s needed? eg this setting:


Yes. But each article that it’s used on need different padding for the content to fit, however, this can only be set on the article style level as far as I have found out, this is the problem I’m trying to get an answer to.

If you would like to DM me a link to your course in the editor, and point me towards the area its set up as you like it, I can take a look either later today or tomorrow and see if I can figure out what to do.