Adding multiple events to a single trigger in Logic


I was wondering if it’s possible to add multiple events to a single trigger in Logic. At the moment, I have 6 questions in a block that are drawn from a bank that are part of an assessment. In total, there are 4 blocks of 6 questions, with each block drawing from a different bank. The client wants the user to get at least 50% of the questions correct in each block to unlock the next block. As this is an assessment, it can prove difficult to do this.

A solution I came up with was to simply gate the assessment using a variable that tracks the correct answers. I have a trigger set to add +1 to a Block 1 variable whenever a user gets the correct answer for a question in block 1. When the variable reaches 3, the next block of questions will be unlocked.

My trouble comes in showing a fail article when they did not reach 3. I need a trigger that triggers when the user has answered all 6 questions AND the variable is less than 3. All I can see at the moment is I can have one or the other, which doesn’t help.

Can anyone help?


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Hey Jordan,

Yes - when you are setting up your Triggers, use the + Add Comparison or + New Condition buttons to set up multiple Conditions, and then the + New Action button to add multiple Actions if you need to.

Does that help?

Hi hbailey,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I’m looking to add multiple Events to the trigger.

At the moment for example, if I select the event to be ‘Components Completed’, it only lets me select which components need to be completed before the Action triggers.

Similarly, if I select the event to be ‘Variable Changed’, it only lets me select which variable is changed and to what value before the action is triggered.

The trigger I’m looking for needs to have these 2 things happen simultaneously. So all of the components have to be completed AND the Variable needs to be changed (< 3 in this case).

In essence, I want the trigger to notice when the 6 questions are completed, see if the variable is less than 3 once they are, and if it is, show the hidden article.

Hope that makes sense!

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If you’re planning on adding AND to logic, please add OR as well :blush: