Extended trigger and variable system in simulations

When using the simulation component, I often times reach the limits of the triggers and variables.

The main purpose is to build a more complex menu of a software with two different tab menus. One is in the upper half, the other one is in the bottom half of the screen. The opening state of these tab menus has to be the same when navigating from screen to screen. While the bottom tab menu can be simulated using buttons and “Navigate to screen X”, the upper tab menu needs to be simulated using simulation variables. These variables then show/hide a picture if the variable is true or false. Since simulation variables are the same on every screen, the same state should be seen across multiple screens to give users a real experience of the software.

But what if there are two buttons and the user clicked both of them to switch back and forth between two tabs? Now, due to the limited trigger system, both variables are true and the trigger systems doesnt work anymore.

This can be solved by three options (and possibly more):

  • Allow a button click to be saved to multiple number variables, e.g. “variable X + 1 AND variable Y -1”. If we are then able to set a condition: “if X>Y”, we can then trigger action “show element X AND hide element Y”.

  • Allow a button click to be saved to multiple boolean variables, e.g. “set variable X to true AND set variable Y to false”. This would solve the problem of both variables being true.

  • Allow triggers to affect variables. e.g. condition “if variable x=true then set variable y=false”. This would make sure that only one of the two variables can be true at all times.