Issue with Logic - Assessment Attempts all used

Hi, All hoping someone might be able to help with a Logic issue in Evolve.

We want to create a logic that will trigger a pop-up message if the learner, uses all 3 attempts of the assessment and has still not passed. But I have been through all the triggers and none seem to work for this. I need a trigger when the learner has used all attempts but not passed.

Is this an option in Logic or is there another way of doing this?


Hi there,

maybe try something like this:

Logic > Dialogs
Set up a pop up dialog.

Logic > trigger
Set a tigger to ‘show logic dialog’

Thanks ID3 - that was my first thought, but unfortunately that triggers the dialog as soon as you fail the first attempt.

My dev colleagues have suggested another approach, I am testing it to see if it works, will report back here when I know,

Joel, There is a way to do it, you need to set up two logic triggers. Have screenshotted below, but here’s the description also:
Trigger 1
Event: Course Assessment Failed
Action: Increase Variable By Value
(you will need to create a numeric variable with the value of 0 to reference here) Set the value as 1
Trigger 2
Event: Variables Changed
Variable: set as the numeric one created for this purpose
Actions: Show Logic Dialog

The only slight issue is your logic dialog will appear before the final assessment results pop up.


Hi Sam

Thank You! Yes I have tired this and it works perfectly.


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