Adding inline images to tables or between paragraphs using HTML

Hi all,

I’d like to be able to add an image to a table or between paragraphs and I can do it by amending the published code. However, I’d like to be able to simply paste the HTML into Evolve and it work automatically. I would then put my image in the assets folder to link it up.

Here is my HTML, which is using square brackets instead of < > in this message, as it is deleted from the message otherwise:

[img src=“course/en/assets/myImage.jpg” /]

And here is the issue:

Evolve switches the ‘<’ and ‘>’ to html character codes and simply writes out the code as a string of text.

Can I stop this from happening?

Thank you in advance.

For simple images between paragraphs, you could use the Icon component, then put the first part of the text in the Component Body text, then the icon/image and then the Icon Body Text after?

Quick mockup:

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Thanks. I’ll give this a go now.

However, I also need to try to add an inline image within an accordion too, which is proving to be tricky.