Can I add pure HTML?

Heya, brand new user to Evolve here =)

Can I add HTML to the pages that I’m authoring?
I see a lot of older help information talking about being able to add HTML. but I can’t find any place to actually add my own HTML?

Thank you in advance for any support!

Hi and welcome @Lisa_c,

you can import HTML files packed in a .zip and embed them via an iframe, if this is what you are looking for. All you have to do is name your HTML file “index.html” and zip it. Then go to Assets in Evolve => Add Asset and click on Upload Embeddable. After that, you can add the iframe component to your course. Make sure that you activate the option Use Embedded Content?. This allows you to add your uploaded zip file.

More here

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Legendary, thank you!
Exactly what I was looking for