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I was wondering if there will be a new function or extension to add comments or, more precisely, notes in courses someday. Similar to Adobe Acrobat, where you can add speech bubbles (I don’t know the exact word) to make notes or comments. This function would be helpful for learners to take notes on the content without using pen and paper.

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Take a look at the Reflection Extension as you can make notes in text entry components that get saved to a PDF.

It’s been a while since I used it though, but we’ve done it before.

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Further to Barry’s comment, it’s not quite the same but you can look to using the Bookshelf extension for them to bookmark certain items that they find useful. Maybe use in conjunction with the Open Inputs and Reflection extension.

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We’re already using Open Input side by side with Reflection for open questions. On the other hand, Bookshelf is not useful for our purpose. It would be better if our learners could add a note right at the position where they are at that exact moment. It’s like if I enable the Hint Extension, use it for every component/block, and all learners could use the Hint to make notes. Something like that.

It’s an interesting idea. And if we get enough requests for it…

However, I should caveat that it wouldn’t be something that would be usable if publishing for SCORM 1.2 - at least not without also enabling the Local Storage extension… which might then make it of limited use since the learner’s notes wouldn’t be available if they viewed the course on a different computer/device/browser.

(The reason for this is that, although SCORM 1.2 does have a field for storing learner comments, it’s not widely supported).

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Hi @Matt_Leathes

okay, we are using SCORM 2004 4th Edition. Would it be usable in this version? I wasn’t aware of that, but we could live with using local storage, despite the downsides.

Yes, it’s a special request, but we have a problem: our learners want to print everything. The main reason is to make notes and mark text. The thing is, Evolve is thankfully pretty interactive, so printing is not a good option for this. That, among other reasons, is why we are searching for alternatives.

Yes, the SCORM 2004 specification does state that supporting ‘comments from learner’ should be required of any LMS that is SCORM 2004 conformant.