WebXR Iframe Webcam Issue

We are embedding an WebXR build into an iFrame that requires the permission to turn on your camera. The experience doesn’t load within the iFrame but loads fine outside of Evolve. I believe the issue is the permission request to turn on your camera.

Any thoughts on how we can go about this?

Hi there Bnoble and welcome.

It sounda very likely that this is the case. Any chance you are able to share the URL of the experience that we can test out? You can private message it to me if you prefer.

There’s also the option to embed the iFrame content - have you tried that option?

Hi hmaffin! Thanks for the response. Pretty new to the Evolve platform so not sure if the live preview link will work. Here is that link. The iframe is below the button which isn’t loading up.

Here is the build outside of Evolve.

Well I absolutely love the experience itself!!! What fun :slight_smile:

I’ll test this in an iframe and get back to you shortly.

Hi again!

So yes I get the Access Denied message too - our developer says that it would require a tweak to the iframe component in order to allow camera access for something like this - which seems to be the issue currently. This must be a new use case we’ve not seen before!



Thanks for looking into this, I really appreciate it. Is there a way for us to tweak the iframe component or is Evolve not open to do that?

Hi Bnoble,

No the code of Evolve is not editable, unless you’re happy and confident enough to dig into the json of a published course and make it work that way, however that is neither recommended nor supported if you do!

I have however submitted it as an enhancement request to the developers, which will be considered if it does not cause any type of security issue within the component and/or published courses using it that would mean we would not be able to allow it.


Hi Helen,

Thanks for all the help on this. I went ahead and reached out to the Evolve team and they mentioned placing this on their conversation for the roadmap.

I think for now we will just add a button into the course that links out to the WebXR content.



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