Video stream component transcript button / accessibility

Unlike the media player, the videostream component does not have a transcript button.

I appreciate it’s possible to add closed captions to the video via your chosen video streaming service but the issue with closed captions is that they are timed to the video. For those that require more time to read than close captions allow, a static transcript is sometimes required.

Would it be possible to add a Transcript button to the video stream component?

We’ve had a few people ask for this. I’ll try and look at this soon.


We’ve faced that in the past. We put a single-item Accordion component under the Stream component. The behaviour is almost identical to the transcript in the Media component.


Good idea Andy. I think I’ll do this too from now own.

I’ve always used a Hint component that acts as a button and then pops the transcript up. In the main this is ok, but some clients don’t like that the transcript appears over the top of the video. So I use Action buttons and text boxes underneath, when requested.

The single-item Accordion is a great alternative and I wonder why I’ve never thought of it?! :grin:


This functionality will be available in the next Evolve release. Would have loved to get it out this week but there are a LOT of places this needed updating and I wanted to do a whole review of the ‘transcript’ functionality in Evolve so that it’s available wherever you can use Video, VideoStream or Audio. Hopefully a big improvement.


Nice one @Matt_Leathes