Video stream completion

Hi all,

I’ve hit a snag with the Video Stream component and I wondered if anyone had any ideas.

I want learners to watch a video before they continue, so I’m using content locking and I set the completion status for the Video Stream to “Ended”.

However, the YouTube video always displays with a “Watch on YouTube” button overlaid. Some learners understandably click this instead of the main play button, and when they do, the fact that they have watched the video is not recorded, and the content stays locked.

I looked into removing the button, but I don’t think it’s possible. (*Details below).

So the only options I can think of are

  1. Add an instruction to learner not to click the “Watch on YouTube” - not ideal
  2. Just set completion on inview, and accept that the learner might not watch it.

Has anyone else hit this problem and had any ideas?


PS related point - the “modest branding” setting is now defunct because YouTube deprecated that option last year.

  • Removing the Watch on YouTube button:
    The only way (other than removing the controls altogether) is to set the video container size to 514x289 or smaller. As far as I can see this isn’t possible. The iframe size is fixed at 640x360 regardless of what width and height you put into the Streaming Service Embed Code.
    (NB I’m not saying the the video doesn’t resize responsively, just that the iframe still thinks it’s still at 640x360 and so the button doesn’t disappear.)

A possible workaround suggestion. Use an image button, show/hide logic and the YouTube video set to auto play.

That’s a pretty good idea! I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Thanks for highlighting this, I’ll get that setting removed!