Use content from Text area component


I would like to use the Text area component so the user can enter a name of a street for example, and then I will be able to present it in a different component along the page (I will save it to a variable).
How can I view the text later?
Should I use the Triggers option? If yes what should I do?

Thank you,

Once you’ve saved the input to a variable (make sure it’s a ‘string’) you can add variables using this icon in the text editor.


Thank you for the you help!
I have tried to add this variable to a text component but I can not view it “The street name - Shoval”
Should I any more actions?

Thank you so much!

Hi Shoval, have you tried a different option from the dropdown list under “Variable Style” ?

Selecting “Theme” will style the text determined by the settings in the Theme > Article Style > Variable.

Selecting “Inline” lets you determine the font and background padding/size/colour individually under the variable. The issue could be that your style is set to “none” or if set to theme, could there be no text colour set in the theme settings?

Hi Lauryn,

Hey, yes I have tried it.
I chose the theme and it still didn’t work.

@Shoval_Shirom I’ve DM’ed you a link to a working example