Multiple text input (list) saved to variable

Hi all

I am using Text Areas in a course where learner’s answer reflective unassessed questions. The responses are saved to a variable and are then shown to the learners in a summary at the end of each module.

Some of these questions require very straight forward responses in a list (list 3 etc.) and the client has requested that the text fields be broken up so there is a single input for each response. This is in response to the LLN requirements of the cohort.

Here’s an example of how this would ideally work:
List three things you are passionate about:
<Text area - variable 1>
<Text area - variable 2>
<Text area - variable 3>
[Submit button]

Unfortunately, the Text Area component does not allow you to add multiple items, so students would need to press submit on each item within a list.

The Text Input component does allow for multiple items but it does not allow for variables.

Am I missing something here? Is there any way to do this?

If I’m understanding correctly, what you’re after is the ability to have x text input components with one submit button…? If so then no, at this time that is not possible. But I’m thinking that maybe were we to add a Logic Action along the lines of ‘Submit components’ that might do the trick?

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Hi Matt. Sorry to come back to this so late. Yes, that would be perfect.