Unused images in the published output

Hi All,

How can we remove the unused images from the published output.

The previously used images in the course(which are further replaced) are also exported in the output. This is making our package too heavy. How can we get avoid these images from the published output.

Thanks in advance…


Hello Shraddha,

Only assets that are actually used in the course are included in the published zip. Assets to include in the zip are evaluated at the time of publishing by checking every field where an asset can be set in the course.

None of the images in the folder are unused. You need to make sure that the assets you are seeing that you think are “previously used” are not being used in some hidden/disabled item or unused menu/extension.

Hope that helps

One tip: if you have, say, an accordion item that you want to change from displaying an image to a a video, you need to explicitly remove the image asset before changing to video otherwise the image asset will still get included in the output.