Tips for converting workshop slides to Evolve?

Hi, I’ve been asked to move a slide deck into Evolve. It was formerly a 1-hour workshop with about 10 slides. I adapted the info for a 1:1 convo. Any particular tips when converting such slides to elearning on Evolve?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there, you given what you have described, you may find the Dialog component useful (displays a conversation between two or more people, which can be set to animate in various ways) and maybe the Checklist component (a checklist of bullet point-esque items the learner can check off).

Obviously Evolve is vertical scrolling pages, so I guess some thought as to whether to mirror the 10 slides into 10 pages, or break the content into larger chunks spread over fewer pages.


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Thanks so much for these suggestions, Sam! I really appreciate it!

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