Content Development Templates

I am new to Evolve, but an experienced ID. I was wondering how you approach the design and development phase when using Evolve. Do you start with a word or google doc to gather, organize, and finalize the content copy or do you design in the tool? If you start with a document, does anyone have any templates they would be willing to share?

For example, when I’ve developed eLearnings in the past, I’ve used a 3 column table in word to capture:
Storyboard page# → content copy (on screen text, closed captioning, narration) → images to support content.

I appreciate anything so that I can approach this in the most efficient way. ~ Michelle

@Michelle_Ellis Hi – welcome. Personally, most of my development takes the form of a rapid prototype in Evolve. Storyboarding is more complex but I’ve seen them used for fairly basic courses, just to show the overall flow. What’s great about Evolve is that you can quickly prototype entirely different treatments and make these previews available for comment to your reviewers and stakeholders. Interested to see what others think.