Let's Talk Templates!

Let’s talk Templates!

If we were to introduce new Templates for creating courses from in Evolve - what would you be looking for? What content? What style? Tell us your wishlist!

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Templates for how to use a product or platform and teaching best practices


@hbailey The templates currently offered cover most layout and functional scenarios. But I think it would be great if you could look into component database or design-idea library… pre-populated components and layouts with documented instructions for use and suggestions for modifying. Either as courses or importable assets. Much of the work in my world is really rapid prototyping and creating strawmen (persons) so anything that could speed that up would be great. Thanks


Hi there,

I was also thinking, that the templates are already good to me and my team and that it won’t need that much of improvement.

I feel, that I have to answer your question, @hbailey , because it is great, that you are asking. That shows how serious you are about our opinion. But it is like I told. Of course we have a wishlist to improve Evolve, but that is in other areas.

What goes in a similar direction of this topic would be the ability, to create more article styles (via plus-button) and to arrange them in a better way via drag & drop. I already had the case more than once, that I had to set an article style from the middle/ bottom of the list right on the top…which is not working right now. The only solution was to apply all configurations from one article style to the other.

However I will ask my team, if they have any ideas for templates. :slight_smile:

Best regards


I have to agree with @LoarsWoars that there are lots of things listed in the feature requests that I’d be more excited about vs. templates.

That said, I do like @Martin’s idea of something that shows each component and all its variations. Something I think would be particularly useful is a list/template that includes a list of interactions according to their current level of WCAG accessibility. This might save designers some unpleasant surprises!


I didn’t even know there were templates, so first thing . . . make templates easy to find or draw my attention to their location.
The article, block, component architecture still frustrates me…a lot. A template with a simple page layout would be most helpful. Banner image, title, text, text+graphic, media, interaction, quiz.

Hey @hbailey, i have something for you. Maybe there is a good reason for this, but it would be great, if we could use the Template without having to pin it first. Yesterday I created a new template and forgot to pin it…nobody was able to see it and it took me a while to remember what the reason was. To be honest I don’t get, why it needs to be pinned first.

@cpenn You can decide, how your template looks like. Create a new course, put your Pages/ Topics/ Articles etc. and Pictures in it as you wish. You can also use Extensions or Logic. When you think, you’re done, you can go to the bottom left, click the three dots and click on Create Template. After this, you leave your course, go to the left to Templates and click on the three dots of your Template → Pin. After this you can create a new course and use your Template, which includes everything, you did setup before.


Best regards

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I would be looking for templates covering accessibility matters.


Hey @cpenn ,

When you load Evolve - hit the Create Course button and then in the popup switch to Course Template option - the one you are describing sounds like One Page Layout would be pretty close!

1010 you are in luck - we will definitely be including this - and for now please check out the templates we gave away during our Accessibility webinar not long ago. They are on this page:

@LoarsWoars you should definitely not have to pin it first.

@Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA can you think of a reason why this might be?

Sorry if this only affects me but while the link above takes me to the webinar recording page (which I can access fine), some of the useful documents linked to on that page such as this one:

redirect to https://employees.intellum.com/ where I’m asked to log in. None of my evolve logins work there and I’m wondering whether they’re supposed to given the URL suggest it’s for employees.

Ah apologies - it seems someone has used the internal link for those templates! It has now been corrected - below are the direct links to the files:

1 - Making Accessible Evolve Content
2 - Every Accessible Component and Extension

Template Showcase - We all get stuck in our own “style box” so since you, as the “company” have the 30k view of all of your options, show us what they are by way of a template. Many of us will think, “I never thought of that”.

EXAM/QUIZ/TEST w/scoring Templates - There is still a great need to score assessments and provide of completion. Several examples of these along with certificates, xAPI statements, etc. to complete the project would be a great quick build option.

TEMPLATE FAMILIES - We all create a variety of courses. Build a few templates using a consistent theme that address informational, assessment, journey, interaction, scenario, etc.

Hope that helps!! :muscle: :muscle:

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