Text not displaying in Safari

Hi there,

I’m previewing the following course in a range of browsers - Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Not all text is appearing in Safari - any idea why this might be happening?

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Thanks in advance.

Hi Nina, I can see a couple of issues in Safari, namely:
Card drop - text not appearing on card before its dropped
Matching question - text not appearing on answer options after an answer has been selected
And either a narrative or a media carousel - text being cut off horizontally on a couple of slides.

I also noticed both in Chrome and Safari that text entered into an open input wasn’t displaying - I suspect this is something that can be resolved in the Theme.

Would you mind linking to your course editor so I can investigate further?


Thanks Nina, will investigate and get back to you.

Hi Nina, after some digging by one of our devs, it looks like it’s the ‘Gotham-Book’ font that’s causing the problems. If you switch to a different font, the Safari issues and the Open Input text not appearing issue are fixed. We work on Macs, and that font won’t actually render in the Mac OS Font Book:
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 11.15.16
I hope that helps.

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Thanks Sam.
Would you mind removing the link to the course preview in the original post now that this has been resolved. It won’t let me do it.
Many thanks,

Hi Nina, that’s done, cheers-Sam

Thanks @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA