Tagging Strategies

Looking for some community help on this one. When we first started with Evolve almost 2 years ago we did not know enough about the program or how it would work to design and effective “Tagging Strategy”. We now have grown to 20 different editors covering 5 different teams and each individual as their own “Tagging Strategy”. Needless to say our list of “tags” in Evolve has become ENORMOUS and we are trying to find a way to have a more thoughtful approach to our Tags. Would anyone be willing to share a list of what their Tag Groups are in Evolve and what some of the tags are that you use??

Hi @Jhouse , I wonder if the new Folders feature in the courses list might make things easier to organise? You can still use tags at the same time, but you can group courses together in folders.

We set up tags in various categories. One category is publication status: is the course “In development”, “Synced to Sandbox”, “Not yet synced to Mainsail”, “Synced to Mainsail”, “Launched”? Another tag might be vendor name (we use various vendors to develop courses).Is there a way to get the teams to think about what they need to organize, and whether tagging is the best way? ( I can see, looking at our tags, that they have gotten disorganized. This isn’t an easy thing to organize, especially across a large number of users! Good luck!)