Early Christmas Present!

Have we got an early Christmas present for you!!! That’s right, FOLDERS is now live in Evolve. We hope you will find this new functionality helps you to organize and share your work.

Check it out: https://experience.intellum.com/sl/31f3dcb6


Awesome news, @hbailey!
I guess I speak for many users, that the folders are what we’ve been waiting for. Thanks to the developers!!!

It would be also great, if a folder-function would be available for assets as well. Maybe next year? :wink:


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@hbailey Will Admins be able to change the default access for courses? In a large corporate environment it’s useful for authors to collaborate and see other content, but it sounds like they’d need to be granted this permission by the course author each time. Thanks.

Very exciting update, thank you for sharing @hbailey. I look forward to seeing this functionality go live, as our course dashboard is looking very messy (although tags do help).

Agree, I would like to know as well.

Great update!

Would there be a way to control access permission for themes? We have some themes and courses that are used as “templates” to be duplicated but inevitably people forget that step and start editing the original theme after duplicating the course. This would be super handy to prevent that from happening.

@hbailey So, did you guys put the access item on hold? Not in today’s release with the folders.

Hey Martin - no, permissions has been put back while we QA it a little more for functionality. Sorry about that!