Sync to Exceed Not Working

When using accordions, the order that I see them on Evolve is not the order that they’re showing up on Exceed.

Here is the order in Evolve:

Here is the order in Exceed:

I also notice that in publishing settings, it looks like it hasn’t been synced, but I haven’t made any changes.


So the first thing to do is check you have synced the latest version and that you have published the Activity in Exceed also (assuming you have versioning turned on). If there is another change in the course somewhere that you can confirm is in the new version only and that they are both on the same version then great.

I have found this behaviour in the past when I have duplicated an Accordion item rather than create one from scratch - so try next to delete one of the items and create it again as a new item not a duplicated one and see if that fixes the issue?

Hi Rachel,

just to let you know that this has been identified as an issue and is being looked at.