How to set tab order in a course

I am trying to create screen reader compatible content but am having issues with the tab order in courses.

Can anyone advise me how I set this so that a screen reader will tab through all the content in the required order?

I am completing Aria labels and Alt text but when I test with NVDA and ChromeVox it just skips over most of the content.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong!


Hi Edvar, I’ve investigated a number of Evolve components for accessibility and have also found some issues in some components.

For example, in the tabs interaction, there are issues with focus order similar to your description. I can’t seem to enter tab content directly after selecting a tab. With NVDA, I have to be in Forms mode, navigate past all three tabs with the Tab key, and then into the content. This sequence could be confusing for a screen reader user, e.g. if wanting to read tab 2 and needing to navigate past tab 3 before reading tab 2’s content.

I’ve had a support ticket open for the past few months on this, hopefully this is addressed soon. Until then, I’m using Accordion as an alternative.

Amongst others, I’ve also found the Sorting interaction has some accessibility issues, so I use ordering instead.

Hope this helps.


Thanks so much for your reply. Those are some great tips and I’m glad to know I’m not alone with these issues.

My research over the past few weeks has shown me that it’s not my incompetence but that most elearn authoring software is not fully compliant with WCAG guidelines!

The journey of discovery continues!