SVG Images and upcoming features

Hi Evolvers,

I am so excited to see SVG Image support added for courses in evolve. These vector images are designed to be responsive. The are also designed to be animated.

Does the open the door to the possibility of SVG animations in Evolve? This would be a total gamechanger.

For members of the community that are unfamiliar with SVG animation check these out:

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Hi @Derin_Tolu,

We’d love to say this is something that’ll come to Evolve but at the moment it’s unlikely to. The reason is really that animating individual layers inside an SVG file is tricky and usually best handled by a dedicated app.

One thing you certainly could do is animate an svg and embed it inside an iframe as this would allow you to bundle the CSS relating to the animation with the SVG.

Of course the embed feature!

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Hello, we are looking for an animated SVG compatibility within the Branching Scenario component. As we can embed videos, audio, images. Since this thread is still in 2018, has there been any update on this functionality yet?