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Evolve is really intuitive and powerful. I dabbled with it for a short time and here’s what I created. I’m looking forward to exploring it further.


Hello Fellow Evolvers!

So after a much-needed break, I’m back the e-learning design path and I’m putting together my portfolio. I put up a coming soon page to test if I could add a social media link sharing tool (Addthis) to the course after the fact. Well?

Click here to see the result.

Huzzah, it worked! I’ll tweak the implementation a bit, but overall happy with how that works.

Will be sharing more of my progress in the next few days.

Gotta deploy this portfolio and get a better job.

Thanks all.


Hi @Anita_Kumar that’s looking great. Have you had a play with the branching component yet? Here’s a little video about it if you’d like an introduction.

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Hey @Derin_Tolu that’s looking lovely. That’s great you were able to use Addthis on your course. Really like the font choice as well.

Keep it coming!

Hi all!
I’m based in Argentina, and I was hired as a consultant to manage the Training Strategy for the Young Olympic Games that are taking place in the next weeks in Buenos Aires. Since the operation is so complex, one of the most important actions I included for the training strategy was to create around 50 short modules to train the volunteers for the Games.
Since Evolve is responsive and really easy to use, I used it as my main tool for this task.
Here’s one of the modules I created using Evolve:

Hope you like it!
Jeremías GP


Hey thanks @jeregp, this is great! Did you create all 50 using Evolve?

Yes, all of them created in Evolve, since
I have established a process to create the modules fast.

Only 3 other courses were created with a different tool.

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Hi @Derin_Tolu - love your theme and font choice :slight_smile: Nice job, look forward to seeing more!

@jeregp this is a beautiful piece of work - I love it!


Realized the link in my original post is no longer working. Thought I’d share the update. I’m available for freelance Evolve Work. I have other examples and references upon request.