Setting the actor for xAPI / LRS testing without an LMS

Is there anyway to set the actor for the xAPI statements when the course lives outside of an LMS?

We are trying to test out some material with people in person without a true login situation. So, we were thinking of using a timestamp+name hash or passing their name from a simple form. However, I am not sure what needs to be set with this variable information into the course.

I think it might be in through the tincan.js and involve the TinCan.Agent, but I am a little unsure how to use this so the actor gets set before the initialization happens.

I do know that when the courses are tested in SCORMcloud, I can send the xAPI statements to SCORMcloud and Watershed LRSs. So, those pieces are working.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bjorn_Pederson,

Please see this post, I believe it should help solve your issue. How to launch a lesson externally with a learner ID?



Thank you so much. This was very helpful.

For anyone else looking to test out the xapi packages with out a LMS near by, I found that the Watershed example launcher works really well.


Just adjust your launch points to the full http address in the tincan.xml and the path to the tincan.xml in the launch.js file (and don’t forget your LRS credentials).