Reviews and Simulations

I don’t think there is anything currently that covers this.

When a reviewer is giving feedback on a simulation there doesn’t seem to be an automatic option for identifying the page of the simulation that requires amendmending. I have been manually adding in text boxes with numbers but thought it was a possible feature that could be incorporated.

@JoBattisson Hi – isn’t this the same behavior for any component with multiple pages? Carousels, narratives, media grids? The comment is attached to the component as a whole, right? Have you been putting numbers on other component types? Just curious.

Being still relatively new to Evolve, I haven’t used many other multiple-page options. We mainly create simulations which is why I raised the query for that particular component. I do remove the numbers once the review is complete!

Hi @JoBattisson and @Martin - currently, commenting can’t specify individual screens within simulation. One thing you could do is enable ‘Show Simulation Screen Indicator?’ in the Simulation > Behavior section at least for while a review is taking place so the reviwer can reference a screen number when making comments.

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Thanks Sam that works :grin:

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Sam – I’d agree that this would work for simulations, but for the other components that have multiple screens, pages or items, it would still be a feature request. Thanks

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Understood @Martin , thanks - Sam