Replaced font - all bold disappeared

I was about 70% through a course. I uploaded a new font (just a regular one, not bold). All fonts throughout the course change to the new font. Course looks good, but text which was bold in the course is now regular, even though it is still bold in the editor.

At this point I though “Oh yes, I forgot to upload the bold version of this font”. So I did that, but it made no difference.

What do I need to do to get the bold back in my course?

Thank you.

Hello @MrUKeLearningGuy - thanks for your question - it sounds like you need to switch the font weight in your theme. Please drop support a line and they’ll help out.

I solved this by changing the font to the bold version of the newly installed font. This was done in the following menu:

Appearance > Component > Instruction Text Appearance > Component Instruction Text Styles