Problem using stars and points

We are attempting to use points in a branching scenario. (This is for a test course to be sent for internal accessibility review.) We set up 2 test scenarios: one with & one without story mode. The settings for the component allow me to choose points and/or stars. I chose points, gave it a value of 100. In both scenarios I complete the component but no points are awarded. I’m having the same problem with stars, on various components where stars are available (under “Achievements” on the right panel). I’ve looked at the settings in the extension, read as much as I could find in support, but can’t find any reason why points and/or stars sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

Not sure TBH, as a test I just enabled points for a Branching component I already had set up and it worked fine… didn’t seem to matter whether I had ‘Story Mode’ enabled or not.

The only thing that springs to mind is to double-check the Achievements extension settings to ensure that you have ‘Enable Points’ or ‘Enable Stars’ on:

This is because, at component level, you can set ‘Enable Points/Stars’ and ‘Select Badges’ even if you don’t have those options enabled at Extension level - they just won’t work. This is a known issue which we haven’t got around to fixing yet.

Thanks, Matt. I think it has to do with how we set up the branching component. Somehow, points or stars “don’t know” that the component has been completed. I’ll look into that further.

Might be an idea to enable the ‘interaction label’ for the Branching component just so you can be absolutely sure it is getting completed…

Thank you, great idea. I did that, and the component is getting completed, but still no stars. I’m now using an Evolve template (one page layout) - and I do get stars when completing an MCQ. This isn’t urgent, at this point it’s more of a curiosity.

If you DM me a link to an example where this isn’t working I can take a quick look

Thanks. Evolve Login

Figured it out: you can only apply Stars to question components and the Star will only be awarded if the question is answered correctly:

So it was just a case of enabling ‘Is Correct Item?’ on Branching Item number 6

It would be a similar issue for Points: when Point are enabled on a question component you need to answer the question correctly in order for the points to be awarded. When enabled on a presentation component you only need to complete the component in order for the points to be awarded.

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Thank you, much appreciated!