Multiple choice with audio?

I need multiple choice tasks for a project, which are read out to the user. Ideally even with autoplay.
How would you solve this in Evolve, so that each task has an audio file?

Hi @Pablo I think what you would have to do is set up an audio component for each piece of audio that would be an answer option, and then set up a logic trigger to display either a logic dialog or reveal a hidden (for example) text and graphic component - one for the ‘correct’ piece of audio, and one for the ‘incorrect’ options.

You can’t autoplay the audio, but then I’m not sure how that could practically work with multiple pieces of audio anyway (and it’s not a recommended choice for accessibility reasons).


Thank you @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA !
I primarily need the task to be read in advance, not the answer.

How can I solve it so that the audio visually belongs to the task and does not come along as a separate element?

Hi Pablo, you could create a specific article style for these interactions and reduce the padding between the components to bring them closer together. Alternatively, you could add a poster image to each piece of audio and use the transcript text field for any text. You would have to select a button to display the text. It would look something like this after the button was selected:

I like the idea with the specific article style. I will try this one. Thank you very much.

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Pablo – adding to what Sam posted, but wasn’t sure whether this was a question or just presentational. Is a learner answering based on task, or are you just presenting different tasks with different audio? Obviously a number of interaction components include audio: Hot graphic, Media Component, Audio Component, Media Grid, etc… Seems like you could arrange these alone or in tandem and present each task with the corresponding audio.

As to autoplay, there IS a component-completed event, so I imagine you could trigger audio below something to play based on completion of something above, although as Sam mentioned, multiple clips would have to be triggered separately.

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