Link component button not showing selected article

I have set up a page with hidden articles that I want to show when the learner clicks a ‘link’ component button. I have selected ‘internal link’ with the link type as ‘Article’ and have selected the correct target. However the article does not show when the button is clicked. I’ve tried both with and without it being enabled on completion of components.

Hi Bron!

The article will not be un-hidden until you apply some logic (this is the only way to “unhide”, so you need to go into the Triggers section of Logic and set one up so that when the chosen action link button is used, that the outcome is “Show Article” and you name the hidden article.

It will then be revealed as well as navigating there.

Let me know if you need more on this.


Thanks Helen,

I’ve just concluded exactly that. I’ve already got triggers in there that I was using before I moved to the continue button to show content, so it will just be a matter of tweaking them I think.

I’m not sure that I’ve come across anywhere in the help/resources that says you always need a trigger to unhide… but I may be wrong.

I have a few thoughts about things that I think would be quite useful, so I must make a list and send them through.

Thanks again and regards,




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