Imbed Screenreader

Hi Guys, I have been creating content for some time but it is my first time working with screen readers, are the readers imbedded into the learning content if so, how do you go about this?

The client I am working with usually has eLearning created with inbuilt screen readers but this is made in a different tool, any advice you can assist me with would be amazing!

Thank you in advance

Salmonm – you referring to screen readers for learners with accessibility issues? These are typically external applications that just read the window with the current focus (browser, desktop, etc…) If a screen reader is running, it should pick up the Evolve course.

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There are some issues with when and where to but Aria headings so the readers pick up the content. If you have one at the page level it reads everything on the page then comes back and picks up with the first Article, etc. So you can have a lot of repetition. You need to install a reader and tab through the course to see if it is picking up all the content or not.