Google Analytics 4 Help

I have added the Google Analytics 4 code to my course and it is receiving data into Google Analytics. Is there anyone out there who can explain why the course comes up as a page. Each individual page has its own title as well. I am just trying to make sense of this. Please help.

I’d be happy to help - but I’m afraid I don’t really understand what it is you’re asking… if you could be a bit more specific I might be able to advise?

I don’t know if it helps but as Google Analytics is designed to be applied to websites, it doesn’t have a language that maps neatly to e-learning concepts like ‘course’ or ‘course menu’. For example, the only ‘hit types’ that GA allows are: ‘pageview’, ‘screenview’, ‘event’, ‘transaction’, ‘item’, ‘social’, ‘exception’, ‘timing’.