Global Feedback vs Article Styles Component Inline Feedback


I need to make some changes to the Global Feedback that was set up on our system some time ago… can anyone point me in the direction of where I find these settings to change… I can’t see anywhere obvious within the Appearance area?

And is there a difference between the Global Feedback and the Article Feedback - and why is there only an option for Article Styles - Component Inline Feedback?


In the root of your course go to Edit Course Settings and then into Questions in the left menu. The global feedback is there.


I have a similar task to complete - changing global feedback settings. I can’t see the “Questions” menu item on the left anymore in Edit Course Settings. Has this setting moved?

Hey and welcome!

It’s still there, @Andrew_Spiers - are you looking in the Course Settings menu (found in the first box on the Course builder page) or just the Settings one (tab at the top)? It is found in the former.