Gif appears differently in two different components


Even though I uploaded a GIF with the same size (498 × 1080), it appears differently in two different components. In the Flow Chart component, it displays well, but in the Flip Card or Accordion component, it doesn’t look good; somehow, it seems much bigger.

Does anyone know why this happens? What can I do? Also, what is the recommended size for a GIF in a flip card?

Thank you,

Hey Shoval,

The gif will fill the size of the box constraining it, so you will rarely ever see the gif at the published size.

In the flowchart, it is likely you have these settings in the item:


Which means you are filling roughly a third of the item with the gif.

In the others, it is likely that it is filling 50 or 100% of the box so will look bigger.

You could make your components half width, or a half-width component that is on it’s own in the block, making it two-thirds width.

You could also change the item settings to shrink the percentage given over to the image/gif.

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much for your help!