Fantastic additions!

There have been some amazing features and functions added in the recent updates - but I must say particular praise is due for the recent additions of Search (within course) and Lightbox for graphics. Both are incredibly useful to my line of eLearning, and Evolve just continues to step it up - well done and thank you to everyone involved!


Hi @hbailey,

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Hi – I know this is an old thread, but I’d like to suggest a related feature, or figure out how to do this with the current functionality. The lightbox is great, but in my case the image I want to display is one that requires scrolling. It’s an enlarged version of small process diagram, which I’m specifying as the base graphic. As is, the image can be moved around, but the entire lightbox is the canvas… Also, it would be great if image links could be to PDFs and not just image files. Thx.