Evolve 9 is Live!

9th February 2022

Evolve 9 has been released! - and it brings with it the new editor UI.

Check out the release notes when you first launch Evolve from now, for details and helpful links.

Massive kudos to due to the developers who have worked so hard to bring this update to you, and to you, for your suggestions, feedback and support. We couldn’t do it without you! Please share your feedback on the new UI with us.


This is very exciting, my initial impression is that I like the changes! Well done to the team for the hard work and design and implementation.

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Loooove the new UI so far. Fantastic job to the Evolve team!

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Basically I have decreased of 30% my time to create the Logic for a course. And it will probably we very time efficient for content creation too. Well done !

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I love the new UI so far - I can certainly work faster now!
I answered the feedback questionnaire, but I’d like to leave something here since it’s easier with screenshots:
I prefer the old UI when adding new images - I had a lot of filter options with just one click. The new UI requires me to scroll down a lot.

old UI:

new UI:

Edit: fixed typo

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