New features - your thoughts?

If you have had a chance to try out semi-dark mode and the new properties panel in Evolve since the 10.4.1 release, what do you think?

If you need assistance with these new features - do check out this link.

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Like semi-dark mode but like the properties panel even more. Anything to save extra clicks : )

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That’s great to know, Ruppers! I’m a big fan already too. Thanks for feeding back!

Hey Helen,

I hope you’re well.

Regarding the properties panel (hopefully I’m referring to the same thing here).

For some interactions, such as the Hotspot, Accordions, and Flowcharts, the expanded properties panel doesn’t feel expanded anymore. Rather than selecting an item and it appearing underneath as it used to, I now have to look to the right of the screen and update the item in a thin area of the screen that cannot be made wider, which does not feel expanded at all.

It just feels weird and requires more mouse movement and head/eye movement. Maybe, I’m being picky but when you use a tool for most of the day every day, it matters.

I still love Evolve though and still making great-looking courses. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Barry - yes I see what you mean for Hotspots especially. I have just alerted the Devs to this and they say they are aware, and are looking at ways they could rebuild Hotgraphic to be more like Infographic in a proper builder, so watch this space.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks Helen,

Text and graphic components are the same too. This means that while some components expand into the center of the screen (my default way of working) many others do not.

I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but I preferred how it was before, if I’m being completely honest with you.

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I love the semi-dark mode; it segregates the TOC of my course from the main working area.

However, I agree with BarryBPS that certain components do not feel expanded any more.

Personally, I would often open all the items in an accordion or a tab, and look out for issues such as extra spaces etc. Hence, I am missing that property.


Hey there,

I have to say that some of my team - me included - are not that happy about the new property panel. Of course it takes time to get used to it, but in my opinion it was better until the last update. The Title and the Display Title are now separated. That means we have to click one more time to compare both Titles (which happens often).
Changing the options takes a bit more time - if i have to change from General to Appearance for example I have to scroll down or collapse the General-Accordion and click to Appearance. Of course it is the same amount of clicks as at the drop down menu Evolve had in the past, but the drop down menu felt more intuitive.
Oh, and I had to change a few screenshots of my (german) Evolve-tutorial i did for our employees :smiley:

However it’s still great to work with Evolve.

Bets regards

Thanks - all feedback is welcome, we realise that some people will prefer different ways of doing things, and it’s good to hear honest thoughts - we can always consider these then for future tweaks, so thank you.

Every time the tool is updated I love it, but then of course we have a lot of resources and training materials that need updating - so I feel your pain! The downside of working in an ever changing, software based world :slight_smile:


Hi Helen, we can add the Tab interaction to the list of components that no longer expand.

Perhaps, if we could grab this divider and customise the width of the panel ourselves, that would help.


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I think you run the risk of an inconsistent U/I and user experience, right? As additional components or component property sheets are introduced, there’ll always be that decision point (expand/no-expand) to wrestle with. Maybe there needs to be a U/I criteria that’s based on the complexity of the component.

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Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone else has an opinion on the changes made to the UI. I’m struggling to word this, but I really don’t like it. There is now almost no point in expanding the UI into the middle of the screen anymore as you still have to work on the right-hand side of the screen. I can see the Evolve dev team is trying to help by adding a second expand panel button, but as the arrows to move to the next component item are still over on the right-hand side, it’s pointless.

Having the component item’s body appear in the middle and underneath the component items while using the expanded panel was so much easier to use. Using fewer clicks, and less head movement, with everything easier to work with and see.

Sorry to sound so disgruntled about this, but it was perfectly fine before.

Thanks for reading.

If it’s of any consolation, most (if not all) of my colleagues never used the expanded panel, so I guess I was an exception to the rule.

And I’ve found today that if I don’t use it either, I am getting used to the new way of working. Albeit slower than I was before the change.

As @Martin pointed out, the inconsistent UI has meant that I need to pick just one way of using the tool and the non-expanded panel is better than trying to use both.