Export Translation File to Word

Hi, I would like to request an additional option to download translation files in a Word format. This would be a massive time and cost saver for our subject matter experts to quickly and easily translate files into their native language.

The XLIFF, JSON and HTML options require our folks to need extra tools (like a CAT editor or HTML editor) and training to use these tools correctly and well. It’s time-consuming and expensive.

We would love to see this option on the road map.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hi @Emily whilst exporting to Word would be relatively straightforward, in order for it to be really useful you’d need to be able import the translated Word document back in again - and that’s where it gets really tricky… esp. since the formatting that Word applies can get really messy.

XLIFF is the industry standard file format for translations and there are plenty of software solutions available that allow you work with with XLIFF files without having to edit them directly. Additionally, many of the paid versions of these include advanced translation functionality that can save on repetitive translation work.

If you don’t need the option to import the translated document back in then one option would be to export to HTML, open the HTML file in your browser then copy and paste into Word.

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Thans Matt for your feedback and insight. We would want the option to reimport the Word translation.

We have been using both XLIFF and JSON exports in a few different free and paid CAT tools but it hasn’t been easy for our SMEs. It also is rather expensive and time consuming to set up the files, manage the process, etc.

There are other authoring tools that offer it - they are not perfect but it does reduce the time and complexity for folks that aren’t language providers. So our preference would be to have the Export and Reimport using Word option. Understand if it’s not on the roadmap, but wanted to raise as it’s a challenge for us.